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Charqui is a gastropub in the heart of Kitsilano

Our Resto.

Providing services since 2007

Located in the heart of Kitsilano, charqui is a restaurant bar where diners will feel in community, with our staff and entertainment events.

Since 2007, Charqui has been a beloved gastropub in the heart of Kitsilano. Our restaurant bar is more than just a place to eat; it’s a destination for entertainment and good times. We strive to provide our guests with an exceptional dining experience, where they can feel at home, surrounded by our friendly and attentive staff.

A Few Words About Us

Serving Best Wings Since 2007

When you step into our resto, you’ll immediately feel the vibrant energy and welcoming ambiance. Born and raised in Kitsilano, Charqui embodies the spirit of the neighborhood, with a focus on entertainment, top-notch bartending service, and an impressive selection of  beers and  cocktails. Paired with our delicious and fresh food offerings, every visit to Charqui is an unforgettable experience.

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Our Food Policy

We will make sure that the food delivered is always fresh, hot and with an excellent presentation.

Our Core Values

At Charqui Grill, we prioritize your dining experience, ensuring that you receive the best service and entertainment. Join us today and indulge in our exquisite recipes, tantalizing beverages, and a lively atmosphere that will leave you wanting more. We can’t wait to serve you the best wings in town which have been flying out of our kitchen since 2007.

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